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July 2017

TOPINAMBOUR (Jerusalem Artichoke)


The topinambour – also called Jerusalem artichoke, earth apple, sun-root, sunchoke – belongs to the Compositae (sunflower) family of plants. It is native to eastern North America. In Australia, it is available in autumn and early winter. It can be eaten raw or cooked. The topinanbour is known for its excellent nutritional characteristics: It has [...]

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Whatever you do, don't call it a tuber - it will be very offended . . . it is very sensitive! In fact, the truffle belongs to the mushroom family, but it is 'hypogeous' - it grows underground. There are two variants of truffles, black and white, with the latter being the most precious and [...]




The second Coeliac Society (SANT) expo, Gluten Matters, was a great success. I saw and met many more exhibitors than in 2015, especially local businesses. It's a good sign that Adelaide is becoming more aware of the gluten problem and is offering more gluten-free alternatives. Walking through the aisles, we were overwhelmed by the inviting [...]

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