Whatever you do, don’t call it a tuber – it will be very offended . . . it is very sensitive!

In fact, the truffle belongs to the mushroom family, but it is ‘hypogeous’ – it grows underground.

There are two variants of truffles, black and white, with the latter being the most precious and delicate.

The most famous in the world is the white truffle of Alba (Piedmont – Italy), thanks to Giacomo Morra (restaurateur of Alba) who was proclaimed king of truffles in the Times of London in 1933.

The Truffle is to be consumed within one week of collection and the best way to keep it is in the lower part of the fridge (lower temperature) wrapped in a breathable gauze or absorbent paper and sealed in a clean glass jar. It is important that the truffle remains dry because the moisture will make it mouldy, so it is necessary to change the absorbent paper daily.

For cleaning, ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY, use a soft bristle brush, brush thoroughly under a thin stream of water to remove the soil, dry with absorbent paper and use immediately.

The most famous recipe using truffles is definitely truffle tagliatelle, but there are also other ways to enjoy this delicacy.

For example, in the jar where the truffle is stored, add some fresh eggs that will absorb the truffle fragrance. Then, cook in a pan and serve sprinkled with truffle flakes. The same thing can be done with rice, which will also absorb the truffle aroma raw, then release it in cooking.

It’s important to note that the truffle is always used at room temperature. So, remember to take it out of the fridge at least an hour before using it.

Buon Appetito !!!