Miscela per Pasta Fresca (Pasta Mix Flour)defaultPasta$10.00
defaultpasta1kg 500g
Chocolate EclaireChoux pastry filled with fresh cream and brushed with dark chocolateSweet & BiscuitsVegetarian, Yeast Free$4.90
sweet-biscuitsvegetarian yeast-free
Beef PieSlow cooked beef with carrots and potatoSavouryYeast Free$7.20
CalzonePizza dough base filled with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and smoked scotch filled hamSavouryVegetarian$7.20
Multigrain Vegan Loaf (Sourdough)Crusty seed loaf (poppy, sesame, pepita, linseed, chia, quinoa, millet) made with 100% Gluten-Free SourdoughBreadDairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$9.90
breaddairy-free vegan vegetarian yeast-free
Rosemary FocacciaFlatbread with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary (with fresh yeast)BreadVegetarian$5.90
Miscela per Pane (Bread Mix Flour)FlourBread$10.00
flourbread1kg 500g
Miscela per Pasta Sfoglia (Puff Pastry Mix Flour)FlourPuff Pastry$10.00
flourpuff-pastry1kg 500g
Poppy & Sesame Loaf (Sourdough)Soft bread with poppy and sesame seeds, made with 100% gluten-free sourdoughBreadVegetarian, Yeast Free$9.90
breadvegetarian yeast-free
Lemon CheesecakeUncooked cheesecake with fresh organic lemon juiceSweet & BiscuitsYeast Free$4.90
Mix Berry MuffinSoft and fluffy muffin with mix berriesSweet & BiscuitsDairy Free, Low FODMAP, Yeast Free$4.60
sweet-biscuitsdairy-free low-fodmap yeast-free
Miscela per Brownie (Brownie Mix Flour)FlourBrownie, Dairy Free, Mix Flour, Vegetarian$12.50$22.00
flourbrownie dairy-free mix-flour vegetarian13kg 650g
Miscela di Farina e Lievito (Self Raising Flour)FlourSelf Raising$10.00
flourself-raising1kg 500g
Miscela per Pasta Frolla (Sweet Pastry Mix Flour)With this mix you can finally use the family recipe to make apple pie like …FlourSweet Pastry$10.00
Miscela per Pasta Brisee (Savoury Shortcrust Mix Flour)Savoury Shortcrust Mix FlourFlourSavoury Shortcrust$10.00
floursavoury-shortcrust1kg 500g
Miscela per Farina Multiuso (Plain Mix Flour)FlourPlain Flour, Plain Mix$10.00
flourplain-flour plain-mix1kg 500g
Miscela Per Gnocchi (Gnocchi Mix Flour)Making homemade gnocchi will never be as easyFlourGnocchi Mix$10.00
flourgnocchi-mix1kg 500g
Plain Vegan Loaf (Sourdough)Crusty seedless loaf bread made with 100% Gluten-Free SourdoughBreadDairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$9.40
breaddairy-free vegan vegetarian yeast-free
French StickSmall plain bread (300g) with fresh yeastBread$4.90
Vanilla SlicePuff pastry layers with custard cream in the middleSweet & Biscuits$4.90
Custard ParadiseFluffy vanilla muffin filled with custardSweet & Biscuits$4.90
BrownieDelicious chocolate brownieSweet & BiscuitsDairy Free, FODMAP$4.90
sweet-biscuitsdairy-free fodmap
Pizza MargheritaIngredients: Pizza sauce, mozzarellaSavouryVegetarian$10.80
Sausage RollsIngredients: beef, lamb, carrots, spicesSavouryDairy Free, FODMAP$4.90
savourydairy-free fodmap
Beef PastyIngredients: beef, carrots, pumpkin, potato, spicesSavouryDairy Free, FODMAP$4.90
savourydairy-free fodmap
Vegetable PastyIngredients: carrots, pumpkin, potato, spicesSavouryDairy Free, FODMAP, Vegetarian$4.90
savourydairy-free fodmap vegetarian
Chicken PieIngredients: diced chicken, carrots, pumpkin, potato, spicesSavouryDairy Free, FODMAP$7.20
savourydairy-free fodmap
Bacon & Egg QuicheIngredients: bacon, eggs, fresh cream, mozzarella cheeseSavouryYeast Free$8.20
Spinach QuicheIngredients: spinach, eggs, fresh cream, mozzarella cheese, saltSavouryVegetarian$8.20
Vanilla MuffinSoft and fluffy vanilla muffinSweet & BiscuitsDairy Free, FODMAP, Yeast Free$4.10
sweet-biscuitsdairy-free fodmap yeast-free
Maccheroni 1kgFrozen maccheroni pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$16.50
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Fusilli 1kgFrozen fusilli pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$16.50
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Tagliatelle 350gFrozen Tagliatelle pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$7.00
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Spaghetti 450g Ave.Frozen Spaghetti pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$9.00
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Bucatini 450g Ave.Frozen Bucatini pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$9.00
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Linguine 450g Ave.Frozen Linguine pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$2.00
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Gnocchi 1kgFrozen Gnocchi pastaPastaFODMAP, Vegetarian, Yeast Free$21.50
pastafodmap vegetarian yeast-free
Hot Cross Buns (Sultana) 6pcs FROZENSultana Hot Cross Buns (Gluten-Free Flour, eggs, milk, butter, Sultana, brown sugar, spice, fresh yeast)Sweet & BiscuitsEaster, gluten free, hot cross buns, sweet$25.00 $20.00 sweet-biscuitseaster gluten-free hot-cross-buns sweet
Beef Lasagna (430g)beef, carrots, celery, tomatoes, EVOO, salt, pepper, milk, butterFrozen Cooked Mealsgluten free$14.50
Birthday Cakedefault$65.00$85.00